Our Approach

We are proud to promote ourselves as the UK market leader in the development of thriving new communities.

Land Purchase and Site Assembly

With over forty years’ experience, Gallagher Estates is committed to securing the very best value for landowners. We are constantly looking for new development opportunities and have a very flexible approach when working with landowners, including:

  • Freehold Purchases (either with or without a future uplift)
  • Option Agreements
  • Joints Ventures
  • Promotion Agreements

If you own or know of land that you consider has development potential then we would be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you.

With an established track record of working with land owners on sites of differing characteristics including major regeneration projects, large urban extensions and new towns comprising up to 10,000 new homes, Gallagher Estates’ team of in-house professionals has the industry expertise to identify the best ways to maximise value, tailored to each individual landowner.

Planning, promotion & negotiation

Our in-house team of planning and technical professionals at Gallagher Estates is considered to be one of the most successful in the UK. We have decades of experience in promoting landholdings through all stages of the planning process from initial site identification, through to local plan examination and allocation, ultimately securing the right planning permission. Our team of “in house" planners are commercially astute to ensure the full development potential of any site is maximised at all stages of the planning process.

Master Planning & Infrastructure Design

Gallagher Estates utilises the skills and expertise of the UK’s best consultants and advisors across all aspects of development and project design.

As no two projects are the same, we ensure development costs are carefully controlled through intelligent infrastructure design to identify cost effective design solutions which are scrutinised by our in-house teams of engineers and cost planners.


Through our in-house construction team, Gallagher Estates often carries out remediation and completes the delivery of infrastructure to development sites, enabling each site to be sold on a partially or fully serviced basis, thereby maximising its value and minimising the risk and lead-in times for house builders and contractors. This delivery includes not only the provision of on-site infrastructure but also off-site improvements, utility upgrades, remediation and earthworks. It also enables us to retain the responsibility for delivering Section 106 obligations including, for instance, the provision of a primary school or secondary school, community buildings, village centres and strategic open space.

Importantly, we provide an opportunity to add value and sell land more flexibly than our competitors.


The commercial negotiation of Section 106, Section 278, Section 38 and Section 104 Agreements is essential to ensure that value is maximised at every stage.

Gallagher Estates is well-known for ensuring that Section 106 and Affordable Housing obligations are both viable and deliverable and do not create onerous burdens on development. Where viability negotiations are required, Gallagher Estates is experienced in undertaking development appraisals to ensure the best outcome for all parties.


Gallagher Estates prides itself on engaging with local communities and key stakeholders. This takes place at all stages of the planning process and not just as a statutory part of a planning application submission. Two-way dialogue is actively encouraged, particularly with local residents and community groups.


The size, scale and complexity of our development activities across the UK demands the creation of long term partnership working arrangements with a wide range of key stakeholders including:

  • National organisations
  • Regional and sub-regional bodies
  • Local authorities and public sector bodies
  • Academic institutions
  • Private companies
  • Individuals - residents, tenants and businesses